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Posted by R. D.
on 3/6/19

Whether you have an attorney or are representing yourself Pro Per, learn the phrase "vexatious litigant."

My ex-wife used to take me to court at least once per quarter because no matter what arrangement we had she didn't like it and wanted something different.

For a while I represented myself Pro Per. It was an uphill struggle but by being prepared and avoiding the verbal minefield she tried to set me up for, I was mostly successful in responding to her motions. When a new mediator tried to make drastic changes to our custody order, I decided to hire an attorney. That attorney was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Within a short amount of time, she was able to get the court commissioner to label my ex-wife a vexatious litigant and put an order in place that before my ex could actually file for any changes to our custody and visitation arrangement, she would first have to go before the commissioner and convince her that the filing was necessary due to a drastic change in circumstances. The benefit has been so fantastic!

If you need a great attorney in your domestic violence case, she will not let you down.
Posted by Samantha W
on 5/17/17

This testimonial is for Attorney Skye Emery. I don't think I have ever met such outgoing and persistent attorney. Since the start, she has stuck to her guns and gave me so much confidence in my restraining order proceedings. She has clarified anything I needed her too and has and continues to show great care for me as a client to ensure myself and my son are safe and that my ex would not get away with the pain he has caused us. Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back and giving me the opportunity to speak the truth in an era that women are terrified to come out and stand their ground. If you need a great attorney in your domestic violence case, she will not let you down.

The Best in Merced County
Posted by JS
on 1/21/16

My experience with the court system, my previous attorney, and an extremely difficult ex who used the children and court for vindictive reasons had left me with zero confidence that I would ever find light at the end of the tunnel. I first walked into Casey's office with a huge mess of custody issues, an extremely heavy heart, and feeling like the world was against me. With her combination of calming rationale, razor-sharp intellect and unsurpassed knowledge of the law and local legal system, Casey managed to sort through the mess of questions, paperwork, and emotional turmoil that I brought to her. She was organized and methodical during preparation, communicated effectively, and walked me through the entire process, from filing motions, to mediations, to hearings. She went into the courtroom and understood my case better than even I ever had. She litigated exceptionally, was precise, well-spoken, stern when necessary (I would NOT want to be the one going against her), was very effective in front of the judge and immediately got results! In a matter of days Casey was able to do what my previous attorney wasn't able to do in years. It was astonishing! The overwhelming chaos that a bitter divorce with an uncooperative ex created was a constant source of anxiety. It seems contrary to reason that I would find a sense of peace, resolution, and security in an attorney's office, but that was indeed the case. For the first time in years my family was finally able to return to focusing on the important things in life because of the confidence Casey gave us. I cannot wrap my head around where we would be had we not found her. I am deeply indebted to this extraordinary professional and cannot recommend her highly enough. She absolutely changed our lives. If you are looking for the best attorney in Merced County (hands down), hire Casey Aitchison. It will be one of best decisions you will ever make for your family.

Casey Aitchison is AWESOME
Posted by Gina
on 6/27/15

Casey has been handling my fathers divorce for him and she has to be the most professional attorney around. She came to court very prepared, and when things got tough, she got tougher. I was very glad she was on my fathers side. My father has a lot of health issues and she made sure that he was always comfortable. From the time we walked into her office and she made him feel safe, to the final court hearing when he got to keep his home, Casey was Awesome. We can't thank her enough.

Highly Recommend!
Posted by Martin L.
on 11/13/14

"I needed assistance with a Spousal Support judgment ordered in Merced County. I was looking for legal counsel to request termination of Spousal Support after years of wage garnishments. I did a lot of reading, searching, and Googling for the best Family Law Attorney in Merced. Not long after I found the Law Office of Casey Aitchison. I echo the reviews and testimonials of clients past - Casey is an excellent attorney. Starting with my first consultation she was methodical, thorough, and courteous. I left the law office feeling that I had made the best choice by retaining her professional services. I can honestly say that my initial impressions have been pleasantly upheld to this day. Casey has been extremely accessible by phone, email, and snail mail. I have reached out to her on several occasions and I always get a prompt and professional response. She’s walked me through the steps I needed to take regarding my particular issue and so far everything has turned out in my favor. I have been represented at two court appearances by Casey. Both times, I listened as other family law attorneys work their cases and I thought, damn, I’m very lucky to have Casey on MY side. The way she performs in court leaves other attorneys looking ill prepared. She comes prepared to represent her clients. I say again, she comes PREPARED to represent her clients. She does not waver, she holds her ground and she gets RESULTS! I have the impression that Casey will fight hard for her clients and have their best interests in mind. Casey will greet her clients verbally and with a smile - that simple gesture has put my mind at ease before my hearing. I would highly recommend Casey Aitchison to anyone seeking professional services in her areas of expertise. As a first time client being represented by an attorney Casey has set the bar very high if i should seek legal counsel in the future."

Fantastic Attorney!
Posted by Jessie H.
on 11/8/12

"I recently hired Casey to help me with custody issues for my children. She was completely professional, prepared, articulate and got me results well beyond what I could have hoped for. From contesting the mediation recommendation (which most certainly paid off in the end) to helping me keep up with every step I needed to do along the way, I couldn't imagine a better lawyer. Through it all, Casey made something that I thought was going to be a nightmare into something that ran smoothly and got me incredible results. Don't tell her, but I'd have paid her twice what she charged! ;)"

Casey is an AMAZING Attorney
Posted by Anita U.
on 11/10/10

"BEFORE I met Casey I had been battling for my freedom for over 5 1/2 years. And looking down the tunnel of my divorce the only light I could see was a train that was barreling down on me.


In about 30 days, she made it ALL go away! Yes, you read that right! I had been battling for over 5 1/2 YEARS with no end in sight! My ex's lawyer had been wiping the floor with me! People were shocked over the stuff he got away with BEFORE I met her. And in DAYS not months not years D_A_Y_S she turned everything around and it was actually OVER! I WAS FREE!

I know for a FACT I would STILL be battling in court if I hadn't switched to Casey!

She is so spectacular and so phenomenal that there are no superlatives in the English language that will suffice. Her Legal Prowess is completely beyond compare. Casey is so far beyond amazing, she was able to do more in 30 days then my 1st two attorneys did 5 1/2 years!

If you are looking for someone who will roll up her sleeves and fight for you with true tenacity then Casey IS WHO YOU WANT! Her legal talents will astound you! When she won my case I was hyperventilating in the courtroom! No lie! No exaggeration! There were witnesses! What she did was so far beyond belief that to say my ex was left completely astonished would be a gross understatement!

We are all at our most vulnerable when we are going through a divorce, and unfortunately there are people who will take advantage of that, and yes I speak from experience. BUT Casey is NOT one of those people. She goes in, and gets the job done thoroughly but quickly, in an efficient and decisive manner.

Everything that I wanted in the beginning of the divorce she got me!"

Excellent Attorney!!!
Posted on 5/1/09

Simply the Best in Merced !!!! She won my support case hands downs..I was very lucky to have her as an attorney..Well connected with the legal community...Thank You Casey !!!!!!!

I'm glad she was on my side!
Posted by one4justice
on 5/31/08

My ex's attorney is an obnoxious jerk---he even yelled at people in the court room and got away with it. I asked around and ended up hiring Casey because I kept hearing she was a good attorney who didn't back down--that she stood her ground for her clients. The first hearing we went to she kicked the other attorney's a** and never even broke a sweat. I'm glad she was on my side!

Good Attorney
Posted by Yahoo User
on 7/22/07

When I went through my divorce last year it was the worst time of my life. Casey worked hard for me and helped me through the hard times. I am so grateful for everything she did--I would recommend her to anyone that needs a good attorney.

Casy is the BEST!!!
Posted by Tia Elton
on 8/12/11

She is very hard working, determined, knowledgeable and she does NOT BACK DOWN! First experience with a lawyer and she did not dissapoint, She kept me well informed and positive about the process even when I felt I could take no more, and best of all she stood her ground in the courtroom! Love the fact that she doesnt let the likes of the obnoxious intimidate her at all! highly recommend if you want the job done right, THANK YOU Casey!!! =)

Real good job on my case
Posted by mrbagles
on 6/22/07

Real good lawyer. Casey was my divorce lawyer. She's a real good lawyer and did a real good job on my case.

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